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Are you a satellite operator looking for an efficient solution to manage your billing processes? Look no further! Introducing Convergent Billing, an innovative billing system designed specifically for satellite operators. With its comprehensive features and streamlined functionalities, Convergent Billing will revolutionize the way you handle billing for satellite services.

Convergent Billing provides a single platform that manages all types of billing processes, including real-time data collection, mediation, rating, and invoicing. It offers centralized billing, provisioning, monitoring, and customer care capabilities, ensuring cost-efficient customer service. No more fragmented invoice challenges or complex bill cycles – Convergent Billing tackles them all!

One of the key advantages of Convergent Billing is its ability to integrate all service charges onto a single customer invoice, providing a unified view of the customer and improving the overall billing experience. With multi-level rating functionality, Convergent Billing also allows partners and resellers to directly manage their rates and generate invoices for their end customers.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of this innovative billing system! Say goodbye to complex billing processes and fragmented invoicing. Choose Convergent Billing for a seamless and efficient satellite services invoicing experience.

The Benefits of Convergent Billing

Convergent billing offers several key benefits for satellite operators. It provides a single product and service catalog, reducing time to market and implementation costs. The system enables cross-service discounts, allowing customers who order multiple services to receive preferential pricing. Convergent billing also supports multi-service packaging and pricing, enticing existing customers to add new services and attracting new customers with innovative service bundles. Additionally, the system offers centralized customer care and support for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. With convergent billing, customers receive a uniform layout across different satellite networks and can access their billing information online.

Key Benefits of Convergent Billing:

  1. Single product and service catalog
  2. Cross-service discounts for multiple services
  3. Multi-service packaging and pricing
  4. Centralized customer care and support
  5. Uniform billing layout across networks

“Convergent billing streamlines billing processes, reduces costs, and enhances the overall customer experience.”

Real-Time Inmarsat Billing

Unity Billing specializes in providing real-time billing solutions for Inmarsat services. Our advanced system ensures accurate and efficient processing of Inmarsat traffic Call Data Records (CDRs) as soon as a call or data session ends. By offering direct integration with Inmarsat API interfaces, Unity Billing streamlines the billing process and simplifies the invoicing of various Inmarsat services, including:

  • I4BGAN
  • GSPS
  • LINK Services
  • FBB Services
  • SBB Services
  • M2M Services
  • PTT Services
  • IDP

Our integration with the Inmarsat Redknee prepaid environment further enhances the billing experience by providing real-time top-up and balance validation capabilities. Unity Billing’s comprehensive platform handles multiple Inmarsat billing functionalities, such as subscription fees, billing groups, invoice builders, and supports multi-language and multi-currency requirements.

With Unity Billing, satellite operators can rely on a robust and accurate billing solution for their Inmarsat services. Our system ensures transparency, efficiency, and a streamlined billing process for both operators and their customers.

Unity Billing specializes in providing real-time billing solutions for Inmarsat services.

Integration with Inmarsat Redknee

In addition to its real-time billing capabilities, Unity Billing offers seamless integration with the Inmarsat Redknee prepaid environment. This integration enables the validation of balances and real-time top-up for prepaid customers. By leveraging the powerful features of the Inmarsat Redknee platform, Unity Billing ensures accurate and immediate balance updates, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Inmarsat Billing Functionalities Supported by Unity Billing
Subscription fees
Billing groups
Invoice builders
Multi-language support
Multi-currency support

With Unity Billing’s integration with Inmarsat Redknee, satellite operators can provide their customers with a seamless billing experience, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and real-time balance management.

Comprehensive Satellite Billing Platform

Unity Billing offers a comprehensive satellite billing platform that caters to the diverse needs of satellite operators. It supports multiple satellite networks, ensuring seamless integration with provisioning and monitoring systems. With Unity Billing, operators can efficiently manage their billing processes and deliver a superior customer experience.

Support for Multiple Satellite Networks

Unity Billing is designed to handle various satellite networks, including renowned providers such as Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Eutelsat, and more. This broad support ensures that satellite operators can consolidate their billing operations onto a single platform, simplifying their workflows and reducing operational complexities.

Seamless Integration with Provisioning and Monitoring

Unity Billing seamlessly integrates with provisioning and monitoring systems, enabling operators to efficiently manage their satellite services. Provisioning integration allows for automated service activation and deactivation, ensuring accurate billing based on customers’ service usage. The platform also provides real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing operators to track network performance and identify potential issues promptly.

By seamlessly integrating billing, provisioning, and monitoring functionalities, Unity Billing streamlines operations, enhances operational efficiency, and improves the overall service quality for satellite operators.

Satellite Billing Platform

With Unity Billing’s comprehensive satellite billing platform, operators can streamline their billing processes, support multiple satellite networks, and seamlessly integrate with provisioning and monitoring systems. This enables efficient management of satellite services and ensures a smooth billing experience for both operators and end-users.

Interoperability of 5G and Satellite Networks

The increasing advancements in satellite communications, along with the implementation of 5G standards, have paved the way for the interoperability of 5G and satellite networks. This convergence has sparked the need for next-generation Business Support Systems (BSS) that are open, partner-friendly, and seamlessly integrate pre-paid and post-paid rating, charging, and billing functions.

Enter the CompaxDigital BSS solution, a cutting-edge platform that offers advanced multi-tenant architecture, B2B customer and revenue management capabilities, integration with 5G-enabled Online Charging Systems (OCS), and an API-driven omnichannel experience. This comprehensive solution empowers satellite operators to support emerging business models like B2B2x or IoT via satellite while ensuring efficient and future-proof monetization of next-generation satellite networks.

With CompaxDigital’s agile satellite billing solutions and next-gen BSS systems, satellite operators can seamlessly navigate the landscape of 5G and satellite network interoperability. The integration of 5G and satellite networks opens up a world of possibilities, enabling operators to meet the demands of evolving customer needs and capitalize on new revenue streams.

Key Features of CompaxDigital BSS Solution

  • Advanced multi-tenant architecture for scalable and flexible operations
  • B2B customer and revenue management capabilities for efficient business processes
  • Seamless integration with 5G-enabled Online Charging Systems (OCS) for real-time charging and rating
  • API-first omnichannel experience for improved customer engagement

By leveraging CompaxDigital’s next-gen BSS systems and agile satellite billing solutions, operators can navigate the ever-changing landscape of 5G and satellite networks with ease. This ensures smooth interoperability, enhanced customer experiences, and a solid foundation for the future of satellite communications.

Benefits of Interoperability Challenges Addressed
Expanded service offerings and revenue streams Complex integration between 5G and satellite networks
Improved connectivity and customer experiences Seamless billing and invoicing across different network types
Innovative business models like B2B2x and IoT via satellite Efficient pre-paid and post-paid rating and charging functionalities


In conclusion, satellite operators can greatly benefit from innovative billing solutions such as Convergent Billing and Unity Billing. These advanced systems provide efficient and accurate invoicing for satellite services, while also offering centralized billing, provisioning, monitoring, and customer care functionalities. By streamlining processes and reducing operating costs, these billing platforms enable satellite operators to optimize their business operations.

Furthermore, with the interoperability of 5G and satellite networks, next-generation Business Support Systems (BSS) like CompaxDigital provide seamless integration and support for new business models. The integration of these systems ensures a unified billing experience for customers, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, it allows satellite operators to expand their service offerings and tap into new revenue streams.

By embracing technology innovation and leveraging comprehensive satellite billing solutions, satellite operators can deliver exceptional connectivity services. Through seamless integration and efficient billing processes, these operators can drive business growth, establish themselves as industry leaders, and meet the evolving demands of the satellite industry.


What is Convergent Billing?

Convergent Billing is a comprehensive and innovative billing system designed specifically for satellite operators. It manages and handles all types of billing processes, including data collection, mediation, rating, and invoicing, on a single platform.

What are the key benefits of Convergent Billing?

Convergent Billing provides a unified view of customers, improves billing experience, reduces time to market and implementation costs, supports cross-service discounts, and enables multi-service packaging and pricing.

How does Unity Billing support Inmarsat services?

Unity Billing specializes in real-time billing for Inmarsat services. It integrates with Inmarsat API interfaces and supports various Inmarsat services, including I4BGAN, GSPS, LINK Services, FBB Services, SBB Services, M2M Services, PTT Services, and IDP.

What are the features of Unity Billing?

Unity Billing provides seamless integration with various satellite networks, offers multi-level rating functionality, supports multiple satellite network traffic data formats, and includes features such as traffic mediation, invoicing, and reporting.

How do next-generation BSS solutions like CompaxDigital support satellite operators?

Next-generation BSS solutions like CompaxDigital offer advanced multi-tenant architecture, integration with 5G-enabled Online Charging Systems (OCS), and API-first omnichannel experience, enabling satellite operators to efficiently support emerging business models and monetize next-generation satellite networks.

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