Printing technologies to print a business card

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Physical business cards are still the need of this digital age that allows you to make personal connections and help people to memories your brand (if used right). Business cards have proven their importance to improve a portfolio for a company or customers and clients.

Business cards printing is about making a pocket-sized billboard that is simple, affordable, and convenient. Various technologies are used in printing business cards to give them appealing, attractive, and stand-alone looks. All of these options are stylish and flawless. Those provide confidence to a brand or business. Some of these common techniques are discussed here:

Spot UV Printing or Varnish Printing:

Spot UV allows a glossier and richer finishing look to certain parts of the card to enhance the card design. To give a gloss finish to a business card to vanish an unfinished or rough look Varnish/Spot UV printing technique is used. This varnish or shiny coating effectively protects business cards from damage by forming a matte over the coat. This matte not only improves the durability but also gives your card a glossy coating.

Die & Laser Cutting:

Trends are frequently changed now, but die-cutting was a popular method of creating business card designs in the recent past. In this technique, cards are cut into a variety of shapes for an unconventional and unique look. Laser cutting is a more new or up-to-date technique than die-cutting, in which cards are given different shapes using laser cutting technology.


These techniques are used to generate Logos and letters on luxury business cards in an attractive way. These luxury business cards create a stronger opinion among your clients and customers about your business. Embossing is the process of giving a denser texture to a business card with the help of heat. No ink or foil is used to produce this opaque kind of texture. While the debossing technique is the reverse of embossing in which paper is pressed to bulge out and produce a 3D effect.

Matte/Shine Glossy Lamination:

Business cards with matte lamination are premium business cards having a protective layer. This matte lamination with plenty of appeals is dull and dim, giving a business card a more decent and prestigious look. Shine or glass lamination for business cards provides these cards with a stand-out appearance among other cards. It gives a business card a shiny, water-resistant, soft, and silky appearance.

Foil Printing:

To enhance the typography and logos on a business card, foil printing is the technique preferred. A heated die is used to give a business card an impressive and elegant look because of a colored foil pressed into the card paper.

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