Best Lightning Cables for iPhone In 2022

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If you want to buy a Lightning cable for your iPhone in 2022, you need to consider a few factors. Apple prioritized short and lightweight cables. But a lightweight cable is easier to tear. Lightning cables are prone to fraying near the plug. To ensure a durable cord, look for cables wrapped in nylon. Apple-certified cables are more reliable than their stock ones. You can also purchase a Lightning cable from Amazon Basics if you can’t afford an Apple-branded one.

Anker PowerLine II

The Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable for iPhone is one of the best-selling cables available for Apple’s iPhone in 2022. Designed for portability and durability, it is made of high-quality rubber and features braided design. Its three-in-one cord features a curved, soft and matte housing. The cable also comes with a hook and loop cable tie that is perfect for tying the cord.

The Anker PowerLine II is a simple cable, yet it does its job well. It’s MFi certified and comes in a variety of colors to complement your phone. Despite its simple design, the cable feels durable, and even the cable tie is made of high-quality rubber. This cable can easily fit into your pocket or bag without tripping over your cord. Anker’s PowerLine II is compatible with the iPhone 2022, as well as all newer models.

In addition to being MFi-certified, the Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable for iPhone can charge your iPhone at faster speeds than the Apple cable. This cable is compatible with all Apple devices. Anker also offers an iPhone 2022 adapter that works with the Lightning connector. It also supports fast charging and has a two-meter cable. Its Type-A to Lightning cable is also good. It features grooves in its heads for easier plugging. The cable is MFi-certified and can handle over 25,000 bends.

It’s never enough to have one of these cables. They can be damaged, misplaced, borrowed, or even stolen. Luckily, there are several high-quality alternatives. Choosing one isn’t difficult, but you should always choose the one with MFi certification. Third-party cables may be expensive, but they aren’t the worst. Oftentimes, you can find cheaper third-party cables that perform just as well as Apple’s own.

Anker PowerLine II is an excellent charging cable. It is made of durable nylon, and has been proven to withstand up to 30,000 bends in lab tests. It should last about 30 times longer than standard charging cables. It also comes with a Velcro strap to keep it securely in place. The cable is also long enough to reach the back seat of a car. While the Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable for iPhone is not the best choice for car charging, it is good for most people.

Native Union

One of the best ways to connect your iPhone with your Mac is to use a Native Union Lightning Cable. These cables are available in multiple colors and patterns and are easy to install. The cable is made of high-quality nylon braided cable and comes with a weighted anchor knot. These cables also feature extra-thick joints, making them durable. You can use them to charge your iPhone or connect it to a device, such as a printer.

You can find inexpensive and premium Lightning cables on the market. Make sure to look for a MFi-certified cable if you want the best performance. Cheaper cables often fail to pair with devices or are made with poor quality materials. A mid-range cable is a great compromise between a budget and premium cable. The price tag is reasonable as well. A three-foot cable can be easily coiled to make it compact. The longer 6-foot cable can be placed on a desk or table charging setup.

The cheapest cable for the iPhone is the one with a 5-foot length. Another option is the UGREEN USB-C to Lightning cable, which has a right-angled connector and allows for seamless charging. This cable comes with a silicone tie to keep it from tangling, and a 6-foot version. For extra length, you can go for a three-meter option. The Nomad USB-C to Lightning cable is more expensive than the rest, but it also comes with a silicone tie that keeps the cord from getting tangled. The Nomad USB-C to Lightning cable is also more versatile than the iPhone cable and comes in silver and gray.

This cable is ideal for backup charging your iPhone. Its length is sufficient, and the cable is made of double-braided nylon for extra durability. The cable can charge the iPhone up to three times faster than USB-A to Lightning cables. While the latter might not be as durable, it is a good option for a backup charger. The iPhone Lightning cable is a good option, but not the best for your phone.


When it comes to protecting your iPhone, there is no better option than an Otterbox case. But what about your charging cable? The standard Apple charging cable is not designed for heavy use, and it can easily become damaged. A frayed or broken charging cable can lead to costly repairs, so it’s important to invest in a durable option. The Otterbox Endurance USB Cable is built to last, with a reinforced design that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of daily use. The cable is also backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that it will stand up to whatever you throw at it. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for your worn-out Apple cable or just want a reliable option for charging your iPhone, the Otterbox Lightning Cable from Campad Electronics is the way to go.

Scosche Strikeline

For those who need a new cable for their iPhone, Scosche offers retractable USB-C to Lightning cables. These cables are compatible with all USB ports and are MFi certified, meaning they will fit most cases. The cables are available in white or black, and they feature reinforced overmolds for added durability. Both cables come in four-foot lengths. And, since they are certified by Apple, they’ll work with all devices from the iPhone 2022 to the iPhone XR.

The USB-C to Lightning cable from Scosche is an affordable and convenient way to charge your iPhone and connect to your laptop. Many new laptops no longer have USB-A ports, so this cable is ideal. It features fewer parts and is Apple MFI certified, making it a better option than an adapter. You can even charge your iPhone with it and listen to music via wired headphones.

For those who want to charge their iPhone in style, this cable is a perfect companion. With fast charging capabilities, the cable works with the PowerVolt USB-C fast charger. This device delivers 18W of power, three times more than conventional chargers. Powered by the latest USB Power Delivery 3.0 technology, this adapter folds down into a thin carrying case and delivers a full seventy percent charge in just 30 minutes.

The StrikeLine Pro cable is slightly thicker than the Lightning cable from Apple, but it comes with a built-in strap and folds for easy storage. The Scosche Lightning Cable is also more durable and supports fast charging, so it’s worth the money. However, it’s unlikely to replace the Lightning cable on your iPhone. It’s too expensive to be useful for most users, but it’s worth it if you want to get the best cable for your iPhone in 2022.

As far as design goes, this Lightning cable is the best overall option. It comes in a stylish, white box with a picture of the product inside. It also comes with a hook-and-loop tie that prevents it from uncoiling. This cable is also available in multiple colors and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s also less expensive than Apple’s counterparts and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Amazon Basics

When looking for a new Lightning cable for your iPhone, you have a few options. There are some good quality options from Anker, but you can also save money by purchasing an Amazon Basics cable instead. While Amazon Basics cables don’t offer the best quality or performance, they are still an excellent option for a low-cost option. They don’t come in fancy boxes, but they do provide a high level of durability and reliability.

While the price of the Apple cable is higher than other options, the quality is good. For under $37, you can purchase an Amazon Basics Lightning cable that comes with a nylon sheath and MFi certification. It supports Quick Charge 3.0 and uses a USB-A connector at the opposite end. The cable also supports charging through older wall chargers and PCs. And for those who don’t need a lightning cable to connect their iPhone to an external charger, it is best to purchase an Apple cable.

The Apple Lightning cable is probably the best quality, but it’s also the most expensive. This cable is made of nylon for extra durability and comes with a carrying pouch to keep it organized. The cable also supports older USB connections. Another option is a Lightning to Digital AV adapter, which connects directly to the Lightning port on the iPhone and gives you access to the HDMI connector. It also has a separate power jack.

You can choose between a white, black, or green-friendly cable. For a greener option, Nimble’s PowerKnit USB-C to Lightning cable uses certified recycled materials and is made with plastic-free packaging. Its fabric cover is made from reclaimed plastic bottles and uses recycled aluminum connector housings. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether you’re shopping for a lightning cable or an Apple Lightning cable, make sure you pick one that matches the model of your iPhone. You’ll be glad you did.

Another option is the Anker Powerline II. This cable is a budget-friendly choice, which has all of the benefits of an official Apple Lightning cable but costs less. It’s available in a variety of colors, including white, black, and rose gold. You can also buy in bulk to get a better deal. Compared to Apple Lightning cables, these are great value for money. And you’ll be happy to know that they’re compatible with most Apple products.


While there are a variety of iPhone cables on the market, MFi-certified cables provide a number of advantages. For starters, they are guaranteed to be compatible with all of Apple’s devices, and they are also subject to stricter quality control standards. In addition, MFi cables are typically made from higher-quality materials, which means they are less likely to fray or break. As a result, investing in an MFi-certified cable is a great way to ensure that your iPhone is always properly charged.