Field Service Management Software. How Can It Improve Business Processes?

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Field service companies from all over the world are looking for ways of making their workflow more efficient. A sophisticated digital tool can be very helpful in achieving this goal. In this article, we will present some of the most vital features of that tool. We will also explain why a field service management solution changes not only field operations, but the whole work quality as well.

Managing field service operations

The Field Service Management software by Comarch was designed to simplify different business operations and make their execution faster at the same time. The automation of tasks combined with a user-friendly interface allows managers to control workers with more efficiency. That’s because this comprehensive field service application provides a “Zero-touch” management optimization tool. It is a complex solution for managers who want to automate scheduling and handle human resources in a more productive way. Skills, overtime, historical tasks – all of this is available on a smartphone, and controlled with an ease. As a result, current problem-solving gets better. Plans become less faulty. And customer satisfaction levels are… just as they should be!

Field service workers, on the other hand, can use the Comarch FSM software to access archival data of broken devices in the field, for example, or update the status of particular problems in just a few seconds. Thus, everyone involved gets notified and can adjust current tasks to the situation. Such features are especially important when 3rd party workforce takes part in a project.

And what about inventory management? A Comarch field service software is incredibly helpful in locating assets when they are most needed. The tool also allows detailed tracking of particular assets if they are on the move. Additionally, resources can be monitored in terms of repairs and maintenance schedule. That can be fully automated. The Field Service Management app is therefore much more than just another Excel sheet, don’t you agree?

The comfort of a field service management app

A modern field service management software is very convenient in everyday usage. The fact that it can work on mobile devices is something many managers are waiting for. That kind of technology allows them to be more remote. They can solve complex problems while traveling, and be constantly updated during their absence in the office. Potent automation of particular tasks makes their life additionally comfortable. All they really need is the Field Service Management software from Comarch.