Dedicated Servers For Video Games: What Should You Consider?

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In the gaming world, it is common for a community to consider the idea of ​​renting one or more dedicated servers to play multiplayer games. This is due to the characteristics of certain video games. If you want to play well online and with many users at the same time, you need a series of resources that stand out. That is why dedicated servers are preferable. If you are lucky, you can also get a cheap dedicated server package on Black Friday sale.

If you are looking for cheap dedicated servers to strengthen your community of gamers, you have to take into account someessential aspects. In the gaming perspective, the server power is a matter of life or death.

Dedicated Servers is More Than Peer-To-Peer Network

When the players of a particular decision to rent a dedicated server, they are very aware of how it works. The application collects the data of each of the players and allows other players to receive it in real-time. In this case, we would have a dedicated server to which each player connects from their private computers.

Against the model of dedicated servers, here is what we know as peer-to-peer networks, also known as P2P networks. This works exactly like typical file-sharing programs. All computers act as servers and clients simultaneously, only in this case, the data that is sent and received by an application (the videogame) that is being played in real-time, not from an installation file, is shared.

The problem with peer-to-peer networks is that they are less effective than dedicated servers. In the end,it depends on the quality of the player’s hardware. If some inefficient nodes are acting as servers, the game speed will be lower. Also, since users connect and disconnect, the quality of the game will fluctuate.

Therefore, dedicated servers have the appropriate hardware and resources that enables several game players online to connect and play ther favourite video game like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and so on. Regardless of how the client’s computer is, the gaming experience will be the same, and it will be much more challenging to reduce its capacity unless a large number of users are connected at the same time.

It is much cheaper for peer-to-peer to buy, but many experienced gamers are aware that they cannot replace a good dedicated server. It is because of a good latency is the main factor for the player.

What is the latency?

They are the temporary delays that occur in the sending and propagation of data packets. The more latency there is, the more delays will occur when playing. This factor depends on the quality of the bandwidth of your web hosting provider.

One aspect that matters a lot is also where the servers are located. If they are within the US network, connectivity will be much better. The further away the client-server is, the longer it will take to send and receive data packets

It is also essential that you know that latency is measured in milliseconds. A recommended latency is 3-50 milliseconds, the average latency of 50 to 100 milliseconds, and a lousy latency is 100 milliseconds onwards. By pinging, we can find out what is the latency of a server from our computer. Some echoes are sent from the computer to the servers, and it is checked what they take to respond.

Final Thoughts

With these factors in mind, whether you are going to use it commercially or are simply looking for a dedicated server for a group of gamers, it will be easier for you to choose the most suitable server to enjoy gaming without any problems.

Finally, it is better to buy a dedicated server to play than peer-to-peer networks. Now, not all dedicated servers are going to be equally suitable for the characteristics of a particular video game. To begin, we must make it clear that these are dedicated servers, not other hosting options.

In VPS, which are cheaper, games may work, but in some cases, they do not have enough resources to support a multiplayer video game with high needs. And of course, shared hosting is not specially designed for this use, but rather for static websites that do not require many resources.