is a pyramid scheme works with big brands like ARIIX, Noni, LIMU, and Zennoa, making $350 million in 2022. The question many ask is if it’s a pyramid scheme or not.

First, let’s look at what a pyramid scheme is. This type of scheme is illegal and only cares about recruiting people to make money. It doesn’t focus on selling actual products or services. is different, though. It sells real products from trusted brands. uses a network marketing approach. This means independent sellers earn money from their own sales and the sales of those they recruit. Many real and successful businesses use this model, including

With its $350 million revenue, we see pays its members well. It gives 51% of its earnings to sellers. This shows its fair compensation system. The company is also highly praised by Business for Home. is doing really well in the network marketing world. It ranks 5th out of more than 900 companies. This shows its strong emphasis on real product sales and a sustainable business model.

To wrap it up, is a legal and respected network marketing company. It’s not a pyramid scheme. Before joining, though, make sure it fits your goals, how committed you are, and what you value.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials for is winning over both distributors and customers with its top-notch products and great service. It has earned excellent reviews and testimonials. This is due to its dedication to quality and support.

Quality Products for Every Need

Customers love the wide selection of products at You can find everything from wellness supplements to beauty products. These items have shown real results in improving people’s lives.

A Stellar Compensation Plan’s compensation plan has changed the game for distributors. They mention achieving financial stability while enjoying their work. The plan’s incentives and rewards push them to excel. It truly helps distributors to grow and succeed.

The comp plan at is known for being generous. It has helped many reach financial freedom and build strong businesses. It supports distributors in their journey to success.

Investment in Quality and Training puts a lot into training its distributors. It makes sure they have the skills to do a great job. This dedication to training and skill building shows the company’s strong support and empowerment of its people.

Dynamic and Innovative Approach

What sets apart is its dynamic nature. It’s always looking for innovative ways to change with the times. With new and exciting products, it keeps distributors and customers happy.

Above-and-Beyond Support goes above and beyond in supporting its distributors. They offer a strong community and personalized help. Distributors feel well taken care of, praising the company’s support and effort to build real relationships. is known for its excellent products and support. It aims to empower its community for success. The positive testimonials reflect the company’s commitment and mission of excellence.

Factors to Consider When Joining

Before you think about joining or any network marketing company, it’s crucial to know what network marketing is. Differentiate it from illegal schemes. Network marketing, or MLM, is the direct sale of products. It also offers the chance to earn from product sales and recruiting others. is a big name in network marketing, selling health and wellness products. It made $350 million in 2022. With a high commission rate of 51%, it offers a chance for its partners to earn. It has top ratings and many good reviews.

But, thinking about the risks of MLM and if it suits you is vital. While a few do well in MLM, most make very little or nothing. Remember, all business ventures have risk.

To decide, do your research. Understand the company’s materials, business model, and deals. Talk to those who have worked or are working with Ask how much they earn or spend, what they think about recruiting, and how much time it takes.

Business for Home offers a detailed look at’s growth. For more on MLMs and schemes, see the FTC’s info. To find an honest review of, check out The Perfect Nutrition.


Is a pyramid scheme?

No, is not a pyramid scheme. It’s a network marketing company focused on real sales. It offers chances for your success, both personally and financially.

How much revenue did generate in 2022?

In 2022, made an outstanding 0 million in revenue.

What percentage of’s revenue is paid out as commission?

Not exact, but a big part of’s earnings goes to the people who sell its products.

What is’s rating from Business for Home?

Business for Home rated AA+. This shows its excellent standing in the business world.

How does rank among other network marketing companies?

Out of more than 900 companies in the BFH database, ranks 5th in momentum. This makes it a leading competitor.

What are the main brands represented by works with well-known names like ARIIX, Noni, LIMU, and Zennoa.

What do reviews say about and its brands?

People love and its brands. They talk positively about the quality and the company’s great support.

What aspects of’s products are highlighted in the reviews?

Reviews praise the quality of’s products and how they meet customer needs. They also highlight how the business model helps change lives.

How do distributors perceive

Distributors think highly of’s commitment to quality and its innovative strategies. They also value the strong support and personal connection offered by the company.

What should I consider before joining or any network marketing company?

It’s vital to learn about network marketing first. Make sure you understand it’s different from illegal schemes. Assess your sales skills, make a plan, and set clear goals. Think about financial risks and match the company’s values with your own.

What steps should I take before making a decision to join a network marketing company?

First, research the company and its reputation well. Talk to people you trust. Make a decision based on this information.

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